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We provide premium washing services for hotel room linens, banquet linens and uniforms. Room linens are washed in a continuous batch washer (CBW) system that provides consistent washing quality while ensuring safety of the linens thus contributing to prolonged linen life. Uniforms are custom-processed depending on their specification. The results are professionally-done laundry services that exceeds customer expectations.



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We provide sanitized washing for hospital linens and apparel under conditions that are at par with international laundry standards thus ensuring linens and apparel that are clean and pathogen-free. Soiled linens are received and sorted in a separate area while clean linens are finished and packaged in a clean room as prescribed by international hospital laundry standards. Separate washing equipment for heavy soil and light soil items guarantees no cross contamination.



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Kalinisan also offers professional linen rental services for hospitals and hotels. Our experience in inventory management as well as washroom and finishing processes ensures availability of linens as needed by the clients. Inquire with our linen rental team on our various schemes.

Do you have other ideas on how we can serve your laundry needs? Our management team is prepared to meet you to discuss your requirements! Contact us for a consultation.