about 2The biggest and most reliable

From humble beginnings in 1985, Kalinisan Steam Laundry, Inc. has grown to become the biggest and most reliable laundry and linen care services in the country providing laundry services for linens of hotels and hospitals, uniforms of large institutions, and even linen rental services for companies who require this service. Kalinisan has the capacity to handle as much as 80,000 kilos of laundry per day with a turn-around time that is virtually unmatched in the industry. Kalinisan is the only laundry services provider in the country accredited by the Textile Rental Services Association of the USA. The company has also forged strategic alliances with the Jensen Group of Europe for its washroom and finishing equipment, Ecolab for its washroom chemistry and AquaRecycle of the USA for its water recycling system.

about 3Foremost in washroom and finishing technology

The Kalinisan plant is equipped with state of the art laundry technology which is at par with the best in Asia. This assures unequaled wash quality, speed and efficiency that meets the needs of the most demanding clients. Separate laundry lines for hotels and hospitals ensure that international standards for handling garments are complied with and cross-contamination is avoided. An on-premise laboratory ensures the integrity and consistency of the quality of the water and laundry inputs. Kalinisan’s technology is complemented by an excellent logistics facilities that ensures efficient and timely pick-up and delivery of laundry. The combination of high technology and logistical efficiency means our customers can enjoy unparalleled quality and relaibility of service.

Unmatched Expertise in washroom technology

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Kalinisan knows that the laundry business is serious business. With this principle in mind, Kalinisan strives to always be in the forefront in the science and business of laundry. Kalinisan is fast becoming known for its expertise in fabric chemistry, washroom technology, stain classification, and linen care. Our people are regularly sent to do research and undergo training in laundry technology here in abroad. It is this expertise that allows us to provide our clients with higher levels of cleanliness, whiteness and disinfection.

about 1Excellent quality of service from dedicated employees

While washroom technologies act as the platform that allow us to reach unequaled levels of quality and reliability, it is Kalinisan’s dedicated employees that provide the strong foundation for unmatched service delivery. Our employees are dedicated, well-trained and imbued with Christian ideals resulting in a work-ethic centered in delighting our customers and achieving maximum levels of efficiency. Our employees go the extra-mile to please our customers and, more importantly, live a life that is pleasing to the eyes of his Creator.

Unparalleled concern for the environment

Kalinisan’s operations are founded on the core principle of righteousness. It is with this mindset that the company has instituted technologies that will allow it to operate in a manner that does not contribute to the degradation of the environment. Instead of a diesel-fired boiler which releases noxious sulfur into the environment, Kalinisan employs a biomass boiler which utilizes rice husk. This assures cleaner and more environment-friendly emissions. Kalinisan has also installed a water-recycling system that significantly reduced the amount of fresh water it utilizes. Waste water is also treated and processed to meet government-mandated effluent standards. Kalinisan believes that profits can be attained while taking care of the environment.